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Xero: "Dotcom Reimagined"

art director, 2019-2020

In 2019 the creative team at Xero took on the challenge of rebranding all of the videos that live on the website outlining the main features of the product. My role as the Art Director was to work closely with the director and source and create all of the props in the lead up to shooting each batch of videos. I was also very closely involved in the creative process, as each video needed a fictional business that we could use to explain the product feature, such as a bakery, a toy shop, etc. When it became time to shoot the videos, I was vital on set, and worked very closely with the director and the camera operator to dress and craft each shot with the props I'd sourced, as you can see with the behind the scenes images below! I'm very proud of my involvement with these videos, especially since they live in such a prominent place on the Xero website.

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